Horror Author Sue Dent is scheduled to bring it to Lockdown at Bellbrook, OH Oct. 28-30 accompanied by The Paranormal Investigative Team of Chris Matheny and Kim Brouillette of What Lies Beyond?

With large bookstores such as Barnes & Noble asking all publishers to abide by an “industry” standard return policy that is antiquated, outdated and unworkable, not to mention put in place during the depression to save flailing bookstores of that era, small published authors have had to come up with some very creative ways to get their books to their reading public.

“I’ve started doing horror conventions,” says Sue Dent, “as well as events like Bellbrook on Lockdown just so I can set up to sell my books. When my friends Chris Matheny and Kimberly Brouillette told me about this event, I was definitely interested.”

Dent, being an outspoken advocate for small published and self-published authors went on to say, “I try to make it easy for my fans to get my books since large bookstores won’t carry them due to the fact that small publishers can’t make their books returnable by that unworkable “industry” standard return policy and survive. And now, since large bookstores such as Barnes & Noble no longer takes books on consignment, I’ve had to work even harder. Quite disillusioning indeed since I’d say that over 75% of the publishing ‘industry’ is now made up of small publishers and self-published authors and large bookstores still ignore us as if we don’t exist or matter.”

“Not to worry,” says Dent. “There are plenty of other places to find my books. Most of the time I’ll be on hand to sign them too as is the case here.”

Lockdown at Bellbrook looks to be an exciting, fun and spooky time for all except for possibly the faint of heart with special appearances by folks such as SyFy’s Booth Brothers and ghost hunter extraordinaire Keith Age. Also the SyFy channel will be on hand for a special reveal.

“You’ll also get to meet Chris Matheny and Kimberly Brouillette of What Lies Beyond? Do visit their blog to learn more about them as they’ll be leading and orchestrating a few Ghost Hunts themselves,” Dent says, “including one at The Kickstand Lodge, a Bed & Breakfast in nearby Spring Valley where we’ll be staying. The hotel was built in the 1800’s and guests have reported hearing odd noises from time to time.”

Dent adds, “Because I’m going to be in the area, I did attempt to make it easier for my fans in Dayton to come see me by contacting a local Barnes & Noble. But of course since I’ve opted not to abide by that ‘industry’ standard return policy that sinks all small publishers, they won’t hear of it. And as I said above, they absolutely no longer allow any author in for an event unless that “industry” standard death certificate is adhered to.”

“You can always stop by The Kickstand B&B to get an autographed copy of any of my books or to just talk shop. Let me know when you’re coming and I’ll be glad to accommodate being there for you.”

Dent will have her Black Bed Sheet and 2007 Bram Stoker short-listed book, Never Ceese, with her as well as her newest release from BBS, Electric Angel.

“I would like to add that you may order my books from any bookstore including B&N. Though no large brick and mortar bookstore will ever carry my books due to my not signing on to that insane return policy, they can order them for you.”

Dent is currently published by Black Bed Sheet Books.

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