Reliquary Press has released Richard Farnsworth’s debut novel, Succumbing to Gravity.

Description: Stories have been told of beings that once walked among mortals, standing between mankind and the darkness. They were called by many names; Egregori, Irin, even Angels. Greg was once such being of grace. But he lost his way and now he’s damned and alone on the street with humanity’s detritus, heroin addiction is his only respite.

A chance meeting with a haunted young woman threatens to provoke a genuine emotional response from him. She is an immigrant, alone herself, and hunted by a terror Greg knows only too well. Now he has to make a choice, be the hero he once was, or again turn to the needle when he is needed most.

Succumbing to Gravity tells the fast-paced story of Greg, a fallen angel, and his struggle with the inner demons of guilt and heroin addiction and external demons of a more literal nature.

Succumbing to Gravity is available from Amazon for $13.95, or direct from Reliquary Press for $11.

You can learn more about Farnsworth’s work here: Richard Farnsworth

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