Subterranean Press has announced that Strange Wonders: A Collection of Rare Fritz Leiber Works is in stock and now shipping. Strange Wonders pulls together rarities, uncollected and unpublished stories. This is not the volume to introduce a reader to Mr. Leiber’s work, but one which will be a treasure trove for long-time fans. The contents include a lengthy Fafhrd and Gray Mouser story fragment, “The Tale of the Grain Ships,” and even a pair of Gray Mouser poems.

From The Introduction by Benjamin Szumskyj: Through fragments, drafts and practice writings, we can clearly see the evolution from Leiber, the amateur, to Leiber, the professional. We are exposed to the clear way in which he dedicated his life to the written word and trained his abilities to produce the award-winning masterpieces that we read even today. While some may object to such a volume, I ask them this — is not the dream just as important as the empire that had been built from it? Are not the blueprints and sketches as impressive as the buildings and the artwork? We must place all this into perspective, and see that publishing such works is not a smear upon Leiber’s legacy. Rather, it completes a full circle. If we are asked to be thorough in the biography of an individual, then we must also do so for their bibliography.

You can still order here: Strange Wonders

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