This week Subterranean Press is shipping out three brand new limited editions, including Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version, a 92 page Signed Limited Edition ($35) that contains the original novella length fragment of this fantasy classic, published now for the first time. As Booklist said recently: “Beagle’s modern fantasy classic, The Last Unicorn (1968), didn’t come easily. He stalled on the first draft, returning to the concept only after a cross-country motor-scooter trip and his book about it, I See by My Outfit (1965). While the first draft opens the same as the novel, the principal characters other than the unicorn are different. Thank heavens, though, that he persevered and now publishes this funny, darkly winsome fragment.” Peter S. Beagle’s New Limited Edition $35 USD

Simon, the legendary editor of The Necronomicon, returns later this year with Dead Names, his first book in decades, an in-depth look at The Necronomicon and its effect on popular culture, and the history of how it came to be discovered. The signed, limited edition of Dead Names will be available in both Limited and Lettered Editions. Dead Names is available as a 350 copy Limited Edition ($60) and a 13 copy Lettered Edition ($600).

Amber Benson and Christopher Golden’s latest offering is a dark urban fantasy, The Seven Whistlers. Legends say that on stormy nights, or on sunsets, there sometimes comes a strange whistling noise in the sky, followed by sightings of enormous black dogs. But these are no ordinary dogs. They are demonic things, hounds loose from the Wild Hunt, and they are searching for lost souls. Ill fortune will befall any who encounter them, one by one. They are rarely sighted more than one at a time, and if all seven should come together, it will mean the end of the world. Limited: 1000 signed numbered copies: $40. Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $150.

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