Here’s a brief status of the of Subterranean’s currently shipping plans:

Kull: Exile of AtlantisKull: Exile of Atlantis (Robert E. Howard): they’ve just finished shipping roughly 90% of the indiviudal orders (regular limited and deluxe) for the first Howard volume, and are plugging away at the bookstore and distributor orders. They’ve also started proofing the designed version of The Best of Robert E. Howard, volume one: Crimson Shadows, and should be releasing it late this year or early next. Look for it to go up for preorder soon.

The Jack Vance Reader (Jack Vance): The slipcases for the limited edition have arrived. This one’s next up in their shipping queue.

His Majesty’s Dragon (Naomi Novik): They’ve just received the traycases for the lettered edition. HMD will ship as soon as The Jack Vance Reader is out the door.

Yellow Dog (Charles de Lint): The deluxe hardcovers have just arrived in their offices. Look for them to ship sometime next week.

Keep up with all of their titles, see what interests you, pre-order if you’d like. It all happens at: Subterranean Press

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