Subterranean Press will be shipping The Best of Lucius Shepard in January 2008. The Best of Lucius Shepard is the first ever career retrospective collection from one of the finest writers of the fantastic to emerge in the United States over the past quarter century. It contains nearly 300,000 words (over 600 pages) of his best short fiction and is destined to be recognized as a true classic of the field.

Limited: 200 signed numbered hardcover copies, including an exclusive trade paperback volume containing previously uncollected rarities such as the stunning novella “Skull City.” $125. Order the limited edition before the end of business, Friday, May 11, 2007 and it’s only $95, a savings of $30 off the cover price, with Free US Shipping. Trade: fully cloth bound hardcover: $40. To pre-order: Lucius Shepard

Heart-Shaped Box update from the publisher: “Joe’s main publisher, HarperCollins, has asked that all copies of the second printing of the Subterranean Edition of Heart-Shaped Box be signed, rather than just the 100 deluxe copies, as originally planned. Joe and I talked, and it turns out there was a miscommunication between Joe’s agent and HarperCollins about exactly what portion of the reprint would be signed, so we’ve decided to accommodate them. It will take an extra week or two to have the extra signature pages printed and send to the author for signing. We’ll keep everyone posted as to the book’s progress via our online newsletter.”

Please note, the bonus material will still only appear in the extra 100 copies, already sold out. The only change here is that all copies of the reprint will now be signed. To pre-order: Heart-Shaped Box

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