Waynesboro native and former New Hope resident Dale Brumfield celebrates the release of his most evolved novel to date entitled Standers.

The novel depicts the terrifying decline of society in central Virginia through the eyes of Jake Lotts following a bizarre event that leaves the dead standing atop their own graves. In the story, fear grows quickly, accelerated by a heavy-handed government who continue to police the masses using more military and private security forces than Jake could even fathom. Cemeteries were quarantined and trespassing in one becomes a crime punishable – ironically – by death.

When a nosy neighbor and a set of misunderstood circumstances land Jake in a chamber of horrors that passes for a prison, everything changes. A series of strange events, things that Jake can only think to describe as miracles, sends him on both a spiritual journey into his own psyche and a physical journey back to his old neighborhood to try and unravel the mystery and meaning of the “standers”. What he discovers, however, is something much darker than he could have imagined.

About the author: A Waynesboro native, Fort Defiance graduate and Fine Arts graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Dale Brumfield worked for years as a technical writer and illustrator in the theme park industry and as an employee benefits provider before publishing a short story collection entitled Three Buck Naked Commodes: and 18 More Tales from a Small Town in 2009. In 1981 he co-founded Richmond’s Throttle Magazine as production manager, editor, and illustrator. Dale is also an arts features writer, cartoonist, and opinion commentator in Richmond’s Style Weekly magazine.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon here: Stranders

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