Horror is in the midst of an evolution – an evolution that’s breaking down genre walls and expanding boundaries like never before. For the savvy writer, there’s a bigger market than ever for dark fiction – you’ve just got to know how to package and sell it.

Stoker Weekend 2011 (June 16th – 19th at Long Island, New York) will be dedicated to expanding on the definition of horror as it’s come to be known through popular culture. As the borders of the genre have broadened so magnificently over the past decade, the focus of this convention will be on writing outside the traditional genre box. Guests, workshops, and panels will reflect the many subtleties of the genre — in all its shades and variations.

Stoker Weekend 2011 will place emphasis on the creation of distinctive dark fiction versus imitation of prescribed genre conventions. Unlike gatherings of horror writers past, the convention will embrace the written dark word in all its forms. From prose to poetry, screenwriting to graphic novels, from horror journalism to horror blogging, Stoker Weekend 2011 will embrace the myriad shapes, forms, and hues of horror. From two-hour intensive workshops (with no added fees) and thought-provoking panels, to opportunities to pitch to New York’s top publishers, editors and agents and the 24th Annual Bram Stoker Awards, this convention will be packed with programming choices for all levels of writers.

Why attend? For the new or aspiring writer, career exploration; for the semi-professional writer, opportunities to advance your career to the next level with opportunities to meet agents, publishers, and professional writers; for the pro, a thought-provoking re-examination of genre and strategies for keeping up and keeping current with what’s hot in today’s marketplace.

You can register here: Stoker 2011 Weekend

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