Still LifeNecon Ebooks, the new publishing arm of the Northeastern Writers Conference, one of the longest-running writers conferences in the country, has released the e-book exclusive of Nicholas Kaufmann’s short story collection, Still Life: Nine Stories.

Description: “(These tales) are told with a masterful skill. They are composed with a rhythm that is unique to Nicholas Kaufmann. Listen carefully as you read, and you’ll hear that rhythm, catch the tempo written in notes of human suffering and a careful examination of the darkness that hides inside the tales Kaufmann has written. To me that rhythm is almost perfectly in sync with a heartbeat. Damn, I envy Kaufmann that. Masterful. Absolutely masterful.” —James A. Moore (from his Introduction)

About The Author: Kaufmann is a Bram Stoker Award winner, ITW Thriller Award winner, and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author. He’s written Walk In Shadows, General Slocum’s Gold, Hunt At World’s End (as Gabriel Hunt), and Chasing The Dragon.

Still Life collects seven previously published horror stories, from magazines and anthologies like Cemetery Dance and Shivers V, as well as two never-before-seen originals.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here for only $4.99: Still Life

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