Stephen King’s novella, UR, first published for Kindle users, will be available in audiobook format on February 16 through Simon & Schuster Audio. Tapping into our primal fears of modern technology, King sets his sights on the latest high-tech gadget, in which a mysterious e-book reader opens a disturbing window into other worlds.

Reeling from a painful break-up, English instructor and avid book lover Wesley Smith is haunted by his ex-girlfriend’s parting shot: “Why can’t you just read off the computer like everyone else?” He buys an e-book reader out of spite, but soon finds he can use the device to glimpse realities he had never before imagined, discovering literary riches beyond his wildest dreams…and all-too-human tragedies that surpass his most terrible nightmares.

Narrator Holter Graham was handpicked for this role by Stephen King. Graham’s acting career debut was in Stephen King’s film Maximum Overdrive. Since then he has appeared in numerous films including Fly Away Home and Hairspray. His television credits include Army Wives, Damages and Rescue Me.

You can listen to an excerpt here: UR

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