The Dark Tower ConcordanceCemetery Dance Publications has announced they’ll be publishing a signed Limited Edition hardcover of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance (Revised and Updated) by Robin Furth later this year.

The Dark Tower series is the backbone of Stephen King’s legendary career. Eight books and more than three thousand pages make up this bestselling fantasy epic. This revised and updated concordance, incorporating the 2012 Dark Tower novel The Wind Through the Keyhole, is the definitive encyclopedic reference book that provides readers with everything they need to navigate their way through the series. With hundreds of characters, Mid-World geography, High Speech lexicon, and extensive cross-references, this comprehensive handbook is essential for any Dark Tower fan.

From Stephen King’s Foreword:

“Her Concordance was never meant to be published; it was created solely as a writer’s tool. But, even with most of my mind preoccupied by the writing of my tale, I was aware of how good it was, how interesting and readable it was. I also became aware, as time passed and the actual publication of the final three volumes grew closer, of how valuable it might be to the Constant Reader … In any case, it was Robin Furth who inventoried the goods I had on sale, and replaced all the dim overhead lights so I could see everything clearly and find my way from Housewares to Appliances without getting lost … or from Gilead to Calla Bryn Sturgis, if you prefer. That in no way makes her responsible for my errors — of which I’m sure there are many — but it is important that she receive credit for all the good work she has done on my behalf. I found this overview of In-World, Mid-World, and End-World both entertaining and invaluable. So, I am convinced, will you.”

Check it out: The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance

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