Stanley Wiater has been acclaimed as “the world’s leading authority on horror filmmakers and authors” (Radio/TV Interview Report), “the master journalist of the dark genres” (World of Fandom), and “the top horror journalist in North America for the past twenty-five years” (Rue Morgue). His award-winning books – and more than 700 interviews, articles, short stories, profiles, comic book scripts, reviews, and essays – have been translated into ten languages.

Now, he helps kick off the launch of a new podcast interview series that will cover authors from a variety of genres – horror, suspense, mysteries, fantasy, and science fiction. Listen as Wiater discusses how he originally became fascinated with horror literature and film, and as he explores the origins of the Dark Dreamers television show, and the recent Dark Dreamers DVD release.

It’s all happening here: Reading And Writing Podcast

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