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SST Publications is proud to announce book #2 in our new Art Book Series:

Dark Work by Keith Minnion

The standard hardcover edition of the book will be published May 2014 and is available to pre-order now! The special Remarqued Lettered Edition is also available for pre-order now and will be published later this year. But hurry as there are only 26 copies of these very special remarqued, lettered & signed copies available worldwide so they will go quickly!

Coming May 2014

SST’s DARK WORK brings together the best magazine and book illustrations and covers from Keith Minnion’s twenty-year career in the horror genre. Keith chooses to work in traditional media—pencil, ink, paint—and all are showcased in 100 pages of full color and rich black and white art. Shelley’s Monster, Leiber’s Demons of the Upper Air, Blatty’s Exorcist, Strand’s Aspiring Lunatic, Curran’s Corpse King, Crowther’s Eater, Ketchum’s Gorilla, O’Nan’s Monsters, and every shadow, terror and nightmare in between, are all here. Along with scores of previously published illustrations, there is also a section of work published here for the first time. The award-winning illustrator Steven C. Gilberts provides an insightful introductory essay, and Keith also supplies a complete and detailed index of the work presented.

Introduction by Steven C. Gilberts


“Keith Minnion’s artwork is both subtle and strong. You can tell his work is personal to him, showing great attention to detail and often surprising you with his perspective. Keith has a wide range, but yet his work is always recognizable and as an artist it’s important to have that signature feel to your work. His black and white work is my favorite, enhancing a story in a way that tells a story on its own, which makes for a great illustrator and that’s what Keith is . . . a great illustrator.”—Mindy Jarusek, Art Director, Cemetery Dance magazine

“We should liken the work of Keith Minnion to that of fictional character Victor Frankenstein. Imagine each project being created under threatening storm clouds, unwavering attention to detail coursing from fingers to paper with deft strokes, and finally, stepping back to pass judgement his cries of, ‘It’s Alive!’ awaken the most placid into realizing Keith has created another soulful piece. There are many aware of his unique talent. I fall into that group.”—Stephen Clark, Publisher, Tasmaniac Publications

“I remember when I saw my first Keith Minnion cover. This was over a decade ago, but I remember it like yesterday. I proudly hold that book on my shelf and have been a fan ever since. Bottom line, the artwork of Keith Minnion never disappoints.”—Paul Goblirsch, Publisher, Thunderstorm Books

Title Details:

SST Art Book Series #2

Publisher: Short, Scary Tales Publications

Subject: Horror

Release Date: May, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-909640-15-3, 8.5 x 8.5 inches, 100 pages, £23.95

Here are the details of our Art Book Series editions:

Hardcover Edition

– Unjacketed hardcover with four-colour matte laminated cover
– Full four-colour interior
– High-quality matte finish interior paper stock
– Printed on acid-free paper

Available for pre-order now only from SST Publications Directly: 

Laid-in Signature Sheet: All art books ordered directly from SST Publications come with a FREE exclusive ‘laid-in’ signature sheet which is signed by the artist. These aren’t available anywhere else, so if you’d like something special to keep with your art book, order your copy direct from us!

Standard Edition

Retail Price: £23.95

Our Price: £20.95

+  Shipping & Handling


Remarqued Lettered Edition

Status: Forthcoming

Remarqued Lettered Edition of only 26 copies in the world, signed and hand-lettered by the artist. Each copy includes a unique work of art painted/drawn directly onto the book’s endpapers by the artist, making each copy an original work of art.

Each Remarqued Lettered Edition also comes with a bonus signed and matching lettered limited edition art print of the incredible cover art, which comes immediately suitable for framing.

(A remarque is an original painting or drawing which the artist paints/draws in the actual book, which makes that copy of the book very unique and collectible.)

Price: £59.95

Including Shipping & Handling (Worldwide)

Ships from the US.

Order Restrictions: Only one Remarqued Lettered Edition per household.


Thank you as always very much for your support!

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