The Aurora Advocate is running a short piece on our own Ty Schwamberger.

In it, Schwamberger talks a bit about his shyness, though many who don’t know him well don’t believe it. He says, “Actually, I think all writers, at least to some degree, are withdrawn from society. I think it’s the nature of the craft. You’re alone, sitting at the computer, most of the time with little to no sound around you and no one to talk to for hours at a time. To an outsider the life of a writer seems like a fascinating thing, and for the most part it is, but I don’t think that a lot of people realize just how much work and the hours it takes to write a perfectly crafted story – whether it’s a 3,000 word short story or an 80,000 word novel.”

You catch the complete profile here: Ty Schwamberger

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