SpinnerBlack Bed Sheet Books has released Dustin LaValley’s Spinner in paperback and digitial editions.

Description: Meet Henry Spinner, a notorious escaped serial killer who has been forced into hiding in the Adirondack mountains by the detective who put him in prison. He is joined by his girlfriend who helped stage his breakout, and in the secluded woods he comes to face his ultimate challenge in a strange elderly man living there. This old man seems to have discovered the fountain of youth, though at the price of his own sanity and morality.

About The Author: Dustin LaValley is an author from the Adirondacks of upstate, NY. His fiction has been published in numerous magazines and ezines. He is a staff writer for Shock Horror Magazine and a contributing writer to Shadowland Magazine. His books include, The Bleeding (out of print), A Child’s Guide to Death, Sing My Soul to Sleep (out of print), Lowlife Underdogs, Lawson Vs. LaValley (with John Edward Lawson), and Spinner.

His produced screenplays include Rise of the Ghosts, Terror Overload, Pajama Party Massacre and Party Girl, along with two screenplays in pre-production at this time.

In the comic book world, he has written numerous scripts which include Go ta Sleep, Hayseed’s Service Station and the forthcoming hitman series Interference from Kick Save Comics.

Along the way Dustin has received citations in the Year’s Best anthologies, the Hiram Award for Fiction, the SUNY Parnassus Award for Creative Writing and his films have won numerous Best Of awards including Best Horror.

Check this one out on Amazon: Spinner

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