Special DeadSpecial Dead

Patrick Freivald


Paperback, 260 pages, young adult

Reviewed by- Amy Shane

Review:  Follow Ani through the zombie filled continuation of Twice Shy, where life as a zombie is not what it is cracked up to be.

With the event of prom fourteen months earlier, and Ani’s small slip up, her secret is partially out and the zombie virus has been discovered. This leaves Ani and 7 of her classmates infected and known world-wide as the zombie survivors of Prompocalypse.

Now acting like a new undead person, Ani must suffer with her classmates the horror of returning back to high school. If you call being chained to your desk, wearing helmets and metal bite guards, while surrounded by guards with flame throwers, a normal high school day. Luckily she has Mike, her partly brain eaten boyfriend, there with her. Unfortunately, Devon, his ex girlfriend, just happens to be there as well.  Life could only get worse if they were all dead- wait they already are.

With a storyline that stretches through their days at school, medical testing, and zombie virus injections, you follow the trials and tribulations of not only being a teenager, but being a zombie teenager.

With a realistic approach to how society might actually react to a zombie virus outbreak. This book highlights social disorder and raises the question of, “What do you do with the living undead?” Are they people with rights or subjects only to be kept around for medical experiments?

Special Dead highlights the fall of social structure at the dawn of a deadly virus and the challenges faced by those who are left to cope with the disease. Although teenagers themselves, they are faced with choices which all have deadly consequences, as well as being emotionally charged. If you are a fan of zombies, sci- fi, or gory medical research this book taps into it all.

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