Kill CityUrban fantasy & horror writer Nancy A. Collins, author of the award-winning Sunglasses After Dark, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund the completion and publication of Kill City, the first new novel in the Sonja Blue series in ten years. Should the Kickstarter campaign meet its stated goal amount, Kill City will be the first traditional “physical” novel published by Ms. Collins’ Hopedale Press, a self-publishing venture previously used to release ebooks and audiobooks editions from her extensive back catalog of genre fiction.

After the initial book proposal for Kill City was deemed as “uncommercial” by traditional publishers largely due to a biting take on a certain popular series of vampire novels aimed at the Young Adult market, Ms. Collins decided to forego re-tooling the plot in favor of simply taking her case directly to the fans of the Sonja Blue series.

“I know there’s an audience out there for this novel. Every day I get emails and posts on my Facebook page from different fans throughout the world, wanting to know when Sonja Blue will be making her return. While mainstream publishers might not feel there’s enough demand to warrant the outlay for kill city, I know otherwise. In today’s radically changing publishing world, there is no longer any need for the author of a widely read series – one that won awards and has been reprinted in ten different languages – to simply accept the say-so of a publisher as to what is commercially viable and worthy of production.”

Kill City opens with vampire/vampire slayer Sonja Blue still doing what she does best – hunting down and killing undead and other dangerous “Pretenders” – inhuman creatures, such as werewolves and demons, who pose as humans in order to prey upon mankind.

She receives a letter from the aged Senator Holden, looking to sell her a rare occult artifact. But upon arriving at his estate, she soon discovers that he knows who and what she really is, and wants her to search for his missing granddaughter, who was spirited away by a man on the internet claiming to be the vampire protagonist from the wildly popular Eventide series. At first reluctant, she finally agrees to take the case under the threat of blackmail.

Sonja’s search takes her to Las Vegas and a vampires-only bordello out in the desert, run by a cabal of vampires taking advantage of the Eventide phenomena by seducing impressionable young girls over the internet with promises of “eternal romance and undying love,” only to use them for their own predatory ends. She then travels to New Orleans, where vampires and zombies battle one another for control of the Big Easy’s post-Katrina underworld.

With the help of her old business partner and occasional enemy, the demon Malfeis, Sonja finally succeeds in tracking down and rescuing the Senator’s errant grandchild. But now she must somehow get her brainwashed and less-than-cooperative charge back home in one piece, despite a pursuing horde of angry undead hot on their heels.

Incentives offered to potential supporters range from DRM-free ebook editions and T-shirts to the distinction of being killed (in print, that is) by vampire slayer Sonja Blue. The Kickstarter page also provides fans a chance to read a never-before seen excerpt from the unpublished Kill City, as well as new music video showcasing the character of Sonja Blue that includes a wide array of artwork from both professional creators and fans.

The Kill City Kickstarter Campaign runs from October 29th to the 28th of November.

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