Last year 2QT Limited released Paul Cave’s Something of The Night. The book is currently available in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: For years scientists had warned about the real possibility of a global strike from outer space: a global killer. Mathematicians had calculated that once in approximately every sixty million years the Earth has been hit by a meteorite of such proportions it drastically changes our climate, plunging the world into a decade of nuclear winters. In a post-apocalyptic world in which the sun has been replaced by near-darkness, the few remaining survivors have been forced underground to protect themselves from the evil predators that roam the surface above. Something else is out there, in the darkness, humanlike, but without a soul. Something that speaks intelligently, plans with cunning meticulousness and, just like its cousin, this new breed likes to hunt. Not the pitiful, scrawny livestock and wild animals that cling to life on the barren surface above. No, this new breed hunts for something far more rewarding – US.

About the Author: Paul Cave developed a keen sense of the imagination while reading dark fiction and watching cult horror movies throughout his teenage years. Heavily influenced by the likes of US Horror writer, Robert McCammon and movie director, John Carpenter, Paul likes to take a seemingly normal character and put them into an extraordinary situation. Paul’s other horror novel is Cold Light of Day. 2010 saw a slight sideways step away from his usual genre of horror, with the release of For Everything a Reason an extremely taut thriller, released through 2QT Publishing. Paul is currently working as an Electrical Engineer. As well as writing, Paul enjoys boxing, and, of course, reading dark fiction.

You can pick up this one on Amazon here: Something of The Night

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