Some Quiet PlaceSome Quiet Place

Kelsey Sutton

Publisher- Flux

paperback, 331 pages. Young adult

Reviewed by: Amy Shane

Review: Elizabeth is different than her classmates, her family and every one she meets.  She is abandoned by everyone and everything, including emotions themselves. Elizabeth personifies Emotions, but can’t feel them. Every day is the same, and everyone thinks she is a freak, even her family, leaving her life lonely and vacant. The good thing is without emotions, Elizabeth isn’t bothered by any of it.  She simply doesn’t care, she doesn’t love, cry, feel guilt, or fear. She hasn’t for as long as she can remember, leaving her dying best friend Maggie as the only person close to her, along with the one emotion who won’t give up, Fear himself. He not only sees her as fascinating, but the mystery behind who Elizabeth really is drives him to obsession.

Soon Elizabeth’s life takes a turn for the worse. With Fear as a constant companion, a mother who ignores her daughter and an abusive father, things can’t get any worse.  That is until the dreams start haunting her, planting a seed that there might be a purpose behind the curse, leaving her with more questions than answers. The night that a new Element visits her turns her life into a living nightmare and causes unforeseen terror, ultimately forcing Elizabeth to finally seek out the answers of who she is and why she’s the way she is.

Dealing with serious issues of abuse and death, Elizabeth’s character remains strong, as well as mysterious, while still learning about herself, along with teaching others that you only fear what you don’t understand.

Heart wrenching in its realism and sadness, Kelsey Sutton writes a story so captivating it will leave you breathless. With some of the most elegant and picturesque writing, Kelsey creates a lure so strong you are unable to break its hold on you. Kelsey Sutton toys with the notion of how emotions pull on us, bringing them to life – in a physical form so real that you can touch them, relate to them, and even want them, leaving you with the question – can you fall in love with an emotion? Do we fall for these emotions every day, forming our own attachment with love, lust, greed, sorrow, or even fear, giving them power to rule in our own lives?

Eerie and fantastic, Some Quiet Place, is so packed with emotion you will find yourself unable to pull from its grasp.

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