Cemetery Dance Publications has announced Snow Shadows by Mick Garris has been released and is already 94% sold out. As #24 of Cemetery Dance Novella Series, the cover artwork is by Les Edwards and the interior artwork by Lorry Stone.

Description: Nicholas, a painter and teacher at the Ravensbrooke Youth Academy for the Arts, is having difficulties in his marriage. He also fears he’s losing his artistic inspiration. A brief dalliance with a fellow teacher doesn’t solve his problems — especially when Miss Featherstone takes the affair more seriously than he does.

Enter David Sutcliffe, a young and gifted student who imagines himself as the true object of Miss Featherstone’s affections. His jealousy causes him to view Nicholas as a rival, and the boy becomes increasingly unhinged as he seeks to eliminate the competition.

Snow Shadows is an unusual and haunting story of love and obsession, with many shocking surprises along the way.

You can still order directly from Cemetery Dance here: Snow Shadows

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