The Monday, November 19th program at Egyptian Theatre is a 7:30 PM Sneak Preview of The Mist, (2007, The Weinstein Company). Three-time Oscar-nominee Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption) reunites with horror-master Stephen King to write and direct this chilling adaptation of the author’s original short story. Following a violent thunderstorm, artist David Drayton and a small town community come under vicious attack from creatures prowling in a thick and unnatural mist. Local rumors point to an experiment called “The Arrowhead Project” conducted at a nearby top-secret military base, but questions as to the origins of the deadly vapor are secondary to the group’s overall chances for survival. Retreating to a local supermarket, Drayton and the survivors must face-off against each other before taking a united stand against an enemy they cannot even see! With a cast including Oscar Award winning actress Marcia Gay Harden, Thomas Jane, Andre Braugher, Alexa Davalos (Feast of Love), William Sadler (The Green Mile) and Laurie Holden. Discussion following screening with cast and crew.

For more information (American Cinematheque, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028) visit: American Cinematheque

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