Skyreader™ Media, a publisher of cutting-edge interactive children’s eBooks for Apple® iPad®, and part of the Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group, have announced the launch of five new strikingly interactive children’s eBooks, including Ghost House, just in time for Halloween. Give children a real treat with each new title, Hawk Mansion, Daedalus Reinvented, Master of the Hounds and Move Over, available now in the App® Store in the children’s books category and under Skyreader.

“Our interactive graphic novels are great tools for early or reluctant readers and we want to keep these kids engaged by releasing a steady stream of great stories for their electronic libraries,” said Kevin Gillis, CEO of Skyreader Media. “You can currently find 16 eBooks in the Skyreader library, nine of which we released just in the last two weeks. You can be sure we’ll continue to bring young readers a wide variety of engaging interactive eBooks that will only encourage a love for reading.”

The Ghost House eBook for iPad takes readers on an adventure with a boy named Charlie who applies for his favorite TV reality show “Ghost House.” When Charlie is accepted on the show he is dared to spend the night in a haunted house and find a hidden key that will allow him to escape. He also must face more than ghosts- he must face his fear instead! Developed for the education system by literary consultants, Ghost House is the perfect Halloween treat for your reader!

The Daedalus Reinvented eBook for iPad, based on a historical Greek tale, is about a proud and boastful inventor, who must flee from Athens to Crete with his young son, Icarus. Believing he is greater than the gods, he works for King Minos. Things change when the king commands Daedalus to build a maze of tunnels from which no one can escape. Beware, this one is a page-turner!

The Hawk Mason eBook for iPad is an inspiring tale about a young boy who establishes a relationship with a surprising helper. Since his dad died, Jamie Mason and his mom have moved more times than he can count. When their latest move becomes permanent, Jamie isn’t as happy about it as he should be due to a bully named Craig Gorman. But Jamie has an ace up his sleeve – a superhero named The Hawk who he turns to for advice and support. When reality and fiction blend, who will come out on top?

The Master of the Hounds eBook for iPad follows a story about Alex, a boy who is trying to make some extra money as a dog walker. When his dog walking duties grow so do his summer adventures! The summer is sweet, but the dog park is a strange world occupied by even stranger dog owners. Find out what happens when one oddball owner goes too far.

The Move Over eBook for iPad is a hysterical story about some very hot farm animals on a very hot day! When the duck decides to cool off, she’s joined by all of her friends, welcomed or not! See what happens when you put a duck, a pig, a rooster and a horse into a very small pool!

Additional eBook Features:

  • Customizable Experiences: AutoRead mode, Read To Me mode, Read Myself Mode
  • Sound Effects and Music: A brilliant blend of sound will lead you through each page. Fun, repeatable animations and special sound effects bring the story to life
  • Easy to Use Page Navigation: Use a swipe up gesture anytime to skip ahead or go back a page
  • The Voice of Friends: Enjoy familiar voices from some of the world’s leading voice acting talent

Ghost House and each of the other unique new Skyreader titles are available for download for $2.99 in the App Store. The Skyreader™ eBook publishing platform is dedicated to creating a new reading experience for children and parents alike through its high quality, interactive reading Apps.

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