six-guns-2-fnlScience Fiction Trails Publishing is proud to release their seventh anthology, Six Guns Straight From Hell 2.

Weird western, western horror, crossover stories. They’ve been called a lot of things. The one thing no one should call them is some “new kind of horror.” This is a genre that goes back more than 100 years.  That always seems to surprise people when I’m giving talks on the subject. I don’t know that labels are really important to anyone but the critics. I do know I’ve always enjoyed these stories whether they’re in comic books, the pages of books like this one or even the occasional film.
When I look for a story for a project like this, the main thing I want isn’t just horror elements, but something fun to read. I think the stories that follow in these pages live up to that. Additionally, there is the namesake. You’ve no doubt noticed this is volume two. The first book carrying the name Six Guns Straight From Hell came out in 2010 and was co-edited with Laura Givens. It was very popular. It was time for another one. I hope there are even more to come.

You’ll find a wide variety of horror and dark fantasy in these pages. One story skirts modern times as it tries to deal with some ghosts of the Civil War. Another has an African tie in to an Arizona adventure. Of course we’ve got a haunted mine, complete with a very unusual ghost hunter. And what western-themed book wouldn’t have gunfights? Rest assured, we’ve got ’em. So saddle up for a wild ride through the Old West. We open this book with a character from the first volume, starting with an adventure featuring Joel Jenkins’ popular Native American gunfighter, Lone Crow. Also featuring stories from Kenneth W. Cain, J. A. Campbell, Vivian Caethe, Sam Knight, Kit Volker, Jason Andrew, Dakota Brown and David Boop.

ISBN-13: 978-0692277928
ISBN-10: 0692277927

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