For the next 48 hours, David B. Silva is dropping the price of three of his Kindle titles. Through Shattered Glass, The Presence and The Many will all go on sale for only $2.99.

Through Shattered Glass – Silva’s first short story collection, takes readers on an imaginative journey through the lives of seventeen ordinary people struggling with extraordinary events in their lives. Stories include:

  • The Calling
  • Dry Whiskey
  • The Hollow
  • Empty Vessels
  • Dwindling
  • A Time For Every Purpose
  • Alone of His Kind
  • A Night In Fog
  • Slipping
  • Plus eight additional stories and an Introduction by Dean Koontz.

The Presence – Allie Turner’s husband Max has been missing from home for nearly nine months now, and Allie is desperately struggling to hold her family – and herself – together. But things begin to fall apart when her twelve-year-old son Sean is badly burned in a fire at the abandoned lumber mill.

At the hospital, Sean confides to Darrell that he encountered their father at the mill just before the fire broke out. Worse still, there as something terribly wrong with the man’s face, as if part of it had melted away. Yes, something strange and otherworldly has come to Kingston Mills. Something dramatically affecting all living creatures which cross its path. A curious, unstoppable presence of evil…

The Many – Kiel Reed is beginning to suspect there’s something wrong with his eleven-year-old brother, Justin. After the death of their parents, the two boys have gone to stay with their aunt and uncle. It should be a time of healing, but nothing is as it seems and the scars of their father’s torment run deep, especially in Justin. Deeply haunted by his past, Justin turns to The Many for help. It’s a deadly relationship.

Pick them up while the price is cheap. Just click on the book covers or the titles.

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