Shroud Magazine is currently running an online interview with Jeff Strand. On the footheels of Pressure, Leisure has recently released Strand’s latest novel, Dweller, a tale of a fifty year-long relationship between a lonely man and a lethal forest creature.

In response to a question about what was going on in his life while he was writing Dweller, Strand has this to say: “Ummmm… I was going to my day job, eating, sleeping, and writing Dweller. That’s about it. There were not a lot of outside interests being pursued during the creation of that book. I’d had a very active summer promoting Pressure, and somehow I thought that I’d maintain a regular writing routine during the conventions and bookstore appearances. I was completely insane. So once all of that was over with, it wasn’t as if I had to write in a mad blind panic to meet the deadline, but there were some long, long nights…

Dweller is a sad book, dealing with themes of loneliness and an inability to move forward with one’s life, but that’s not where I was, mentally, when I was writing it. I was tired as hell but happy!”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: Jeff Strand

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