Shriekfest-2013From the press release:

Los Angeles, Oct 7th, 2013

Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competiton was a huge success! Denise Gossett, festival director, once again hosted Shriekfest Oct 3-6th at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Shriekfest screened almost 45 films and had 30 screenplay finalists & 10 original song finalists. “An American Terror” directed by Haylar Garcia took the Grand Jury prize for Best Horror Feature Film, “Abducted” directed by Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips took the Best SciFi Feature Film award, and “The Last Light” directed by Andrew Hyatt took the Best Thriller Feature Film award.

“Desolate Road” directed by Marwan Abderrazzaq took the Best Horror Short Film prize, “Incident on Highway 73” directed by Brian Thompson won the Best SciFi Short Film Award and “Jack Attack” directed by Bryan Norton and Antonio Padovan took the best Super Short Film Award.

The winner of the Best Horror Feature Screenplay went to “”Endangered Species” written by Stephanie Jessop and the winner of the Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay goes to “Genesis Prime” written by Joe Crouch. For a complete list of all of the winners please go to ( .

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