Shriekfest 2009, the 9th annual Los Angeles international horror/thriller/sci-fi/fantasy film festival and screenplay competition, has announced its more than 40 official selections and screenplay finalists.

The festival, which doesn’t discriminate between award-winning films and unrecognized films during its submission process, aims to help filmmakers of all levels gain valuable exposure.

Here are the 2009 finalists:

Feature Films

Dark House directed by Darin Scott

Dawning directed by Gregg Holtgrewe

Evil Angel directed by Richard Dutcher

Evilution directed by Chris Conlee

How to be a Serial Killer directed by Luke Ricci

Hurt directed by Barbara Stepansky

Lo directed by Travis Betz

Maneater directed by Michael Emanuel

No-Do directed by Elio Quiroga

Shellter directed by Dan Donley

Spike directed by Robert Beaucage

Surviving Evil directed by Terence Daw

Sutures directed by Tammi Sutton

Feature Screenplays

The Ant Colony written by Frances Spencer

The Angler written by Jay Michaels

Adrian of Death written by Terence Brody

Cuties written by Matt Norman

Macau Twilight written by Tony Shyu

The Last Good Horror Story written by Jay Michaels

SiNDROME written by Rachel Long and Brian Pittman

Snakefighter: The Legend of Saint Patrick written by David R. Larson

Grimm Valley written by Dennis Shutty

Long in the Tooth written by Mark Wasserman

Floaters written by Molly Wofford

The Blue Planet written by Svet Rouskov

#14 written by Solomon Grundy

Faeries written by Chip Street and Sean Meehan

Upgrade written by Louis Rosenberg

Chasing Shadows written by Patrick Sweeney and Monica Valentinelli

In the Mind’s Eye written by Terrence Kelsey

As Fatal As Death written by Lance Eliot Adams

Summit Fever written by Robin Eveleigh

Burning Atlanta written by Anton Hill

No Return written by Shane Cole, Timothy Hunt, and Christopher Sacks

Rotten written by Kristin Bogart

Stuck written by Kevin Barney

Skinned written by Carlos Perez

Testament written by Kerry Douglas Dye

Cinderhella written by Matt Leonard

Dead After Tomorrow written by Benjamin Pollack

The Devil’s Church written by Mark Steensland

Return to Darian’s Point written by Kyle Michel Sullivan

Hard Feelings written by Jim Hemphill

Short Films

2095 directed by Troy Romeo

Death in Charge directed by Devi Snively

Delaney directed by Carles Torrens

Enigma directed by The Shumway Brothers

Excision directed by Richard Bates Jr.

Fantasy directed by Izabel Grondin

Howling Brat directed by David Pope

Lock (ed) In directed by Lea McMahan

Marooned? directed by Ryan Nagata

Monstrous Nature directed by Jason Cuadrado

Now That You’re Dead directed by Patrick Rea

Remote directed by Marc Roussel

Sinkhole directed by Eric Scherbarth

Next Caller directed by Patrick Rea

Thirsty directed by Andrew Kasch

Supershort Films

A Little Mouth to Feed directed by Jack Daniel Stanley

Empty Halls directed by Michael William Vara and Jeremy Cloe

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon directed by Richard Gale

Interview with an Alien directed by G. Tyler Payne

Cold Calls directed by Jack Daniel Stanley

Mr. Gun directed by Ben Juhl

Rift directed by Andrew Huang

The Shot directed by Travis Lee Eller

Rekindled directed by Jack Daniel Stanley

Short Screenplays

Roly-Poly written by Phil Clarke Jr

Lab Rats written by Louis Rosenberg

Time Skip written by Owen Thomas

Chasing Rainbows written by David Kane

Seekers written by L.C Cruell

Mother’s Day written by Janet L. Loftis

Professor Tutweiller’s Orb written by Scott and Paula Merrow

Where They Went Before Us written by Jesse Kyle Reisman

Little Pig written by Anna Taborska

A Ghost in the Embers written by Scott and Paula Merrow

Lock (ed) In written by Peter Jones, McKenzie Cupp, Molly Morgan, Katie Herbst, Ali Gianutsos, and Jean Jamison

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