Shriekfest 2010 has announced their plan to go green for applicants of this year’s film and screenplay competition.

The film festival is now accepting applications for its 10th annual horror and sci-fi film competition. It’s a great opportunity for young filmmakers to have their work seen and now that the festival has gone green, the submissionl process is that much easier. Applicants can send their films or screenplays in via email.

Also announced was the two additional categories in the contest: Webisodes and Original Song.

The 10th annual Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Horror/ Thriller/ SciFi/ Fantasy Film Festival is dedicated to screening and recognizing the works of filmmakers and screenwriters in the often forgotten genres. Superior screening facilities, parties, and panels make this a wonderful networking experience for all. Awards will be given in most categories. The final entry date is July 10th.

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