Lovecraft is running a piece on the artwork inspired by the work of Lovecraft. It’s very cool art, accompanied by each artist’s perspective on Lovecraft and the piece they created. Matt Buck, Mike Mignola, Michael Whelan, Joel Harlow, Cyril van der Haegen, Stephen Hickman, John Jude Palencar, Jason Van Hollander, Viktor Koen, and many many others share their work. Here’s how it starts out…

It doesn’t take looking at too many portfolios before you realize artists love tackling Cthulhu’s tentacled madness. Back in 2009, being then a newbie to the Old Ones, I asked a bunch of artist friends: Just what is it about Cthulhu and Co. that makes drawing, painting, and sculpting from Lovecraft so much … fun? (If fun is the right world?)

On today, H. P. Lovecraft’s 122nd birthday, hear what Michael Whelan, John Jude Palencar, Mike Mignola, Bob Eggleton, and others have to say on the topic. And then add your own! Post any Lovecraftian or tentaclian inspired art (doodles by non artists count, maybe even more so) in the comment section—horrify your friends, worry your love ones….

Check it out here: A Lovecraft Art Meme

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