Cemetery Dance Publications has released the table of contents for their upcoming release, Shocklines: Fresh Voices In Terror, edited by Richard Chizmar & Matt Schwartz.

Description: Some of them lurk in the shadows, others have been right in front of you for years now, but you still don’t see them coming. Who are they? That’s not an easy question to answer. It’s easy to say they are the next wave of horror superstars, but they take many forms and some don’t even categorize their work as horror. Some write stories that are rough and raw, making you squirm as they paint a portrait of terror with their words. Some write stories that are polished and deceptively quiet, making your heart ache by the final line. No matter what kind of stories they write, these authors always find a way to get under your skin. This ground-breaking anthology of horror fiction is certain to be one of the most talked about anthologies of the year.

Table of Contents:

  • “Stalled” by Kealan Patrick Burke
  • “The Transfer Student” by Norman Prentiss
  • “Roulette” by Brian Knight
  • “Diablitos” by Cody Goodfellow
  • “Burying Reena” by John R. Little
  • “Mount Uncompahgre” by Michael McBride
  • “From Arthur Clayworth’s Diary” by Rio Youers
  • “Cry” by Hunter Shea
  • “The End of the World Man” by Lisa Morton
  • “The Crooked Walk” by Nick Mamatas
  • “The Scavengers” by Tony Knighton
  • “Ghost Net” by Jeff Jacobson
  • “Momma’s Grave” by Kim Despins
  • “Escape He Done” by Ted Kosmatka
  • “Dying on the Inside” by John Everson
  • “Making the Decision” by Brian James Freeman

You can pre-order the trade hardcover edition for $40 here: Shocklines

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