Here’s a cool concept: 3 – 8 minute mini-films. Fast, scary, offbeat, thrilling. Each episode is a different, shocking story with beginning, middle and end. Every ending a jaw-dropper. That’s Shockers TV.

Created by Richard Christian Matheson, produced by Jason D. McKean, and starring Michael Bayouth, there are four episodes currently running online. You can catch the series pilot, written and directed by Matheson here: Shockers.

The other episodes are Abused, Mobius, and Arousal (based on a Matheson short story, this one comes with a viewer discretion advisory).

Richard Christian Matheson is a novelist, short story writer and screenwriter/producer. He has written and co-written feature film and television projects for Richard Donner, Joel Silver, Ivan Reitman, Steven Spielberg, and many others. To date, Matheson has written and sold twelve original, spec feature scripts; considered a record. He has written and produced over fifteen primetime series and written and produced mini-series, movies, episodes and pilots for SHOWTIME, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, TNT and SPIKE.

Jason D. McKean is an art director, musician, composer/songwriter, and has had a lifelong interest in filmmaking. He has scored the soundtracks for 4 features, and countless short films, including Richard Christian Matheson’s adaptation of his erotic short story “Arousal.”

Acting, improvisation, singing, artistry and performing many different characterizations have always been part of the norm for Michael Bayouth. He can be seen in Albert Pyun’s Bulletface, soon to be released by Lions Gate Films

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