ShadowmanDamnation Books has released Shadowman by Aaron Dennis, a werewolf novella, in paperback and digital editions.

Description: A man witnesses a murder. Once the killer leaves, the deceased Creole man turns to the witness. He speaks into his mind telling him he is to be the next Shadowman, a practitioner of dark forces. After providing the protagonist with his last bit of power both men fall into darkness. The protagonist wakes to find he is in the home of an old Creole woman who takes him under her wing and teaches him the ways of Voodoo. The young protagonist must adapt to the changing world or die.

Excerpt: I was recovering and getting ready to stand to hit him but he removed his right hand from his pocket with an upward throwing motion. I didn’t see anything come out of his hand but suddenly a thick puff of smoke appeared before him and a large monstrous wolf was revealed. It was like the darkness before us vomited this massive beast into existence.

The enormous beast stood a full six feet from the ground with a torso nearly as wide as the creature was tall. Its fur was a thick red-black color, like dried blood. The wolf had his teeth bared. Thick saliva pooled at the ground beneath him. His fluffy tail pointed to the rear and his ears were set back. His eyes were so full of hate, so full of power. I was sure we were both done for. Rat took a bite of his burger.

The beast’s entire body twitched as it propelled its girth forward. Rat eased back one step and the wolf smashed into an invisible barrier.

“That’s real moe-joe boyo!” He yelled to me.

I had only managed to stand as the entire scenario played itself out in a second or two. While staring in confusion I shook my head and shut my eyes. I plunged into the Otherside. I saw two very disturbing images when I opened them. The first was what the wolf looked like. It was replaced by large effervescent sphere of undulating black energy. I knew it wasn’t really a wolf at all but a portion of the power of the ghost spirit. The other disturbing image was Rat. Naturally I had expected to see a rat like I did with Snake and his follower. The rat in front of me was a large fat creature. It had orange fur like the man’s hair. It was also missing patches of fur where its warty skin showed. The remaining thick fur was greasy and matted. Between the two creatures was a wall of green light. Something like a scanner beam from a Sci-Fi movie.

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $4.50 here: Shadowman

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