Crossroads Press has released a digital edition of Kathryn Ptacek’s Shadoweyes.

Description: The first deaths go unnoticed. The next are unreported. The people of Albuquerque are suddenly unsuspecting prey for something swift and unseen. Something with golden eyes and razor-sharp teeth. Something eternally evil, unspeakably powerful, and totally hungry.

Only Chato Del-Klinne, a restless Apache searching for a way of life more congenial than teaching college students, and Laura Rainey, a young, ambitious newspaper reporter, suspect the nature of terror that the authorities seem to be covering up.

Only the tribal teaching that Chato has abandoned can possibly save them.

But time is short. The shadoweyes have tasted blood. They’re after more.

John Coyne says: “When it comes to horror fiction, Kathryn Ptacek is right up there with Straub and King. Shadoweyes is a winner.”

Peter Straub says: “A good and spooky book. Kathryn Ptacek is better than many famous horror writers I could name.”

You can order directly from Crossroads Press, in a variety of digital formats, here: Shadoweyes

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