Phantoms of VeniceTo celebrate Shadow Publishing in 2012, and for a short time only, the publisher is offering three special deals on its titles.

Special Offer #1: Order Phantoms Of Venice (limited 200 edition hardcover) and get free copy of The Satyr’s Head: Tales Of Terror (total value £25.99 for £20.00). Phantoms of Venice: An anthology of dark and ghastly tales set in Venice, by such award winning masters of the terror tale as Ramsey Campbell, Peter Tremayne, Brian Stableford, Cherry Wilder, Tim Lebbon and others. “Unease and a vague repulsion are usually mixed with a profound, even obsessive fascination with the city’s shrouded history and buried secrets. Like sex, the streets of Venice inspire both intense joy and severe anxiety. Something in the air, and more especially the water, seems not quite wholesome. The reflections of the ancient buildings in the still water promise entry to a forbidden world.”

Special Offer #2: Order The Female Of The Species And Other Terror Tales by Richard Davis and get a free copy of Voices From Shadow (worth £12.98, for £7.99). The Female Of The Species And Other Terror Tales: Richard Davis’ short stories were published widely in England, but he never saw a collection of his tales published during his lifetime. The Female of the Species brings together all of the author’s stories, culled from such anthologies as The Pan Book of Horror Stories, And Graves Give Up Their Dead and others. Inncluded are two rare articles and an interview with the author from the 1970s.

Special Offer #3: Frightfully Cosy And Mild Stories For Nervous Types by Johnny Mains and receive £1.50 off the cover price. 12 bizarre horror yarns, 5 new to this volume. Introduction by Stephen Volk.

Plus postage and packing. Check out the website: Shadow Publishing

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