Phantoms of VeniceShadow Publishing is offering discounts on its titles for the Christmas season. Phantoms of Venice is discounted from £20.00 to £15.99. The Satyr’s Head: Tales of Terror, normal price £5.99 is now £4.50. The Female of the Species And Other Terror Tales by Richard Davis is down from £7.99 to £6.50, as is Frightfully Cosy And Mild Stories For Nervous Types by Johnny Mains.

The offers end 31st December 2012, but order soon to ensure delivery before Christmas. Postage extra. Go to the website and click on the Special Offers page and order using PayPal.

These offers are also available if you wish to pay by check in the UK. Contact me for further details.

Titles Forthcoming

In the Spring 2013 Shadow Publishing will be issuing Horror! Under The Tombstone, a reprint in one volume of the long out of print New Writings in Horror and the Supernatural Volumes 1 & 2 (1971/1972). Stories by Ramsey Campbell, Robert Holdstock, David A. Riley, Kenneth Bulmer, E. C. Tubb and Rosemary Timperley feature in this blast from the past.

Plans are underway for the unveiling of details about the first of The Shadow Book of Horror anthologies. Publication details and writers’ guidelines will be available hopefully by the New Year…

Further down the line Shadow Publishing hopes to launch three new titles at the World Fantasycon in Brighton next year. Details will be forthcoming.

Shadow Publishing is a small press dedicated to horror and weird fiction. SP is a micro-publisher from award winning editor and author David A. Sutton, co-editor of Fantasy Tales, Dark Voices: The Pan Book of Horror and Dark Terrors: The Gollance Book of Horror and various anthologies and other publications.

Here’s the special offers page: Shadow Publishing Special Offers

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