Genius Publishing is gearing up for the August release of Sex, Death & Honey, a crime noir by Brian Knight.

Description: Meet Butch Quick, a seven-foot tall, 250-pound Native American with a face like a leather football helmet. Butch is a repo man, bounty hunter, and nightclub bouncer, among other things. Times are tough, but he’s getting by okay. Or he was until now. See, Butch is having a really bad night. When he repossesses a vintage 1968 Mustang from a neighborhood troublemaker, Butch uncovers a dark secret that tangles him up with a local drug kingpin, the DA’s office, a foul-mouthed bird, dirty sex, ugly death — and a dangerous girl named Honey.

“I don’t know who you are or what you want from me…”

Honey sat, half reclined against the plush red cushions of a narrow wicker futon. A small table beside her supported a dark lamp, a glass of something on the rocks.

Thick, silky red hair, flawless pale skin, full lips, red as cherries, shining like a wet dream.

The gun in her hand.

It was pointing at me.

“…but you have only thirty seconds to win me over, or I’m going to put a very large hole in you.”

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