Novak (author Scott Spencer of Endless Love fame using a pseudonym for the first time) explores what happens when one’s parents aren’t quite the protectors they should be in this excellent horror novel, Breed. Read the full review, plus other USA TODAY’s picks for book lovers…

Room 237, a documentary playing the Toronto International Film Festival, attempts to decrypt the adaptation of the Stephen King horror novel, The Shining, providing no definitive answers, yet offering a fascinating glimpse into the enigma of Kubrick himself, who died in 1999. Decrypting Kubrick: Toronto film decodes Shining

Spanish author Felix J. Palma, with an amazing translation by Nick Caistor, has delivered a cross-genre masterpiece. The Map of the Sky isn’t a thriller, science fiction, or fantasy, and it’s not horror or a romance. It’s an amazing blend of all of them set during Victorian times. Palma looks at Edgar Allan Poe’s novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket and ponders what event in Poe’s life compelled him to write such an adventure. Read the full review…

There’s a new writer on the radar, and if you’re a fan of horror, you’re sure to have heard the blips coming across the internet alerting you to the arrival of Tom Hubbard. Everyone has some sort of paralyzing fear and Tom Hubbard knows it oh so well. He’s not a blood and guts, right in your face kind of author, he’s more an exploiter of the fears that reside within us all, capitalizing on our most agonizing, innermost thoughts to create a theater of the mind experience that keeps us teetering on the edge of our own personal hells on earth. Tom Hubbard, Author, is The New Nightmare On Every Street

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – is an old saying everyone has heard time and time again. The first time I saw author Steve Vernon promote this book, I was immediately drawn to the cover. That – combined with an interesting synopsis – was the perfect combination to reel me in as a reader. So in this case, the cover with the menacing Scarecrow got me. Book Review: Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

In a recent interview with IGN, writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton discussed their unorthodox experience penning the script for last summer’s horror/comedy sequel Piranha 3DD. From writing in D-list celebrities such as Carmen Electra and Snooki to searching for the perfect water park willing enough to let the crew run rampant with buckets of blood and fish guts, the process certainly wasn’t an easy one for Dunstan and Melton. Piranha 3DD Scribes Talk Shop

In Los Angeles, the ghostly trend is currently spreading from screen to stage as Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood celebrates its 20th anniversary season with the world premiere of award-winning writer Thomas J. Misuraca’s original spin on the paranormal frenzy The Para Abnormals. The Para Abnormals tries to mix humor with horror

Thousands of visitors flocked to Horrorfind Weekend, held at Wyndham Hotel, in Gettysburg, to meet their favorite horror film celebrities and horror authors. Among the film stars attending this year’s convention were Malcolm McDowell, Ray Wise, Denise Crosby, Ken Foree, Conrad Brooks, Kim Darby, Meg Foster and Dee Wallace. Horror novelists John Everson, David Bernstein, Russell James, Brian Moreland, Thomas Montelone and others were on hand to sign copies of their books. Horrorfind 14 convention at Gettysburg

Fango friend and cult ultraviolent horror author Jay Clarke, a.k.a. the brain behind the one and only Michael Slade — first let us know here that the entire Slade library would be slowwwwly made available as e-books via Amazon U.S. and UK. Now he comes to us with a blood-splattered tidal wave of news…including a very nifty exclusive.

“When done right, a horror movie evokes an involuntary response involving fear, excitement, repulsion and fascination,” says Yablans, author of the new memoir, The Man Who Created Halloween. Creator of Halloween Film Franchise Discusses Why We Love Horror

Last year, horror fans fell in love with American Horror Story. It was well written and directed and provided a killer cast (pun intended). Now ABC’s poised to air 666 Park Avenue. Can this new devilish show capture the hearts of horror fans?

This year, the Horror Writers Association is doing their second annual Halloween Haunts online blog event. Throughout the month of October, horror and dark fiction fans will be able to read posts from horror authors on the HWA’s blog, Dark Whispers, every day from October 1 to October 31, and you should definitely hop on over to the blog as there are tons of giveaways and prizes that will be announced daily.

George Orwell’s novel 1984 is an attack on totalitarian government where the state controls all aspects of life and has impacted how many people see, understand, and talk about modern social movements. In Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the city is a crowded one where people are either of the privileged elite, or of the repressed, impoverished masses. Horror Education of the Week – Double Feature: 1984 and Metropolis

Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s interest in the impact of death on those left behind has drawn to the horror genre, but he says he tries to leave viewers with a sense of hope. Kurosawa showed his latest project, Penance, out of competition at the Venice Film Festival this week.

Bleed by young author Nusrat Sultana is an ambitious novel that offers an original perspective of the vampire genre. Sultana’s debut is impressive, since she manages to draw the reader in and keep his/her attention throughout the 264 pages. Though her technique is a bit archaic, Sultana is an author to watch for in the future. Read the full review…

James Herbert, Britain’s number one best-selling chiller writer, disclosed in an interview published on BBC News, dated Sept. 3, that he and Stephen King (America’s best-selling horror writer) made a bet a long time ago about who would see a real ghost first.

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