Prolific horror author Stephen King once called himself the “literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries,” but these Stephen King quotes prove the author of Carrie and The Shining is no hack.

David Chandler is a well-known horror author who writes under the name David Wellington. He has an impressive line up of work – 10 novels to date, three different series. Under the name Wellington, he tackled zombies in a global apocalypse (Monster Island, Monster Nation, Monster Planet), vampires in the Laura Caxton series (13 Bullets, 99 Coffins, Vampire Zero, 23 Hours and 32 Fangs) and werewolves in the Canadian wilderness (Frostbite, Overwinter).

Who are the Masters of the Macabre? The Top 20 Greatest Horror Writers of All-Time

American Horrors CEO and The Garbage Man writer/director, Hart D. Fisher, has announced that he has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with FilmOn to launch American Horrors as a new uncut 24 hour horror television channel as part of FilmOn’s basic tier of channels.

After several sets featuring rather arcane cosmologies, MtG publisher Wizards of the Coast is visiting Innistrad, a plane filled with werewolves, vampires and other classic horror elements.

Zombie, the film based on the novella by famous best-selling author Joyce Carol Oates, and starring Bill Connington, will be screened at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival on September 16th at 6:30 pm, as part of Independent Film Month in Atlanta.

Maine author Mark LaFlamme’s latest book, Delirium Tremens, is a tale of alcoholism haunted by enough ghosts to fill a saloon. LaFlamme’s latest thriller gives readers an uncomfortable, drinker’s-eye view of the misery, delivering horror after horror much like the disease itself.

Strange people and stranger rituals color Christopher Buehlman’s debut horror story, Those Across the River, which has been called a mix of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dean Koontz.

Scott Snyder has written some of the best comic book stories of the past decade, especially with his recent run on Detective Comics. Snyder seamlessly blends horror, both physical and psychological, with the type of beautiful prose that could have…

Ever since he snuck into the Philadelphia premiere of Night of the Living Dead at age 10, best-selling author Jonathan Maberry has been fascinated by the supernatural. Catch this interview with Maberry…

The Film Development and Production Company, iRock Media, had been working on the graphic novels in the fun-horror genre as part of their overall film genre development strategy. Zombie Talkies: BloodFest In Bollywood, is eager to reach out to audience…

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