Front_Cover_Image_Outcast The Double Down series continues with two stories that explore the very different realities of Karen Richard’s life.  The common prologue springboards two talented authors into alternate realities – two stories, two authors, one book.

In John R. Little’s Secrets, Karen Richardson can occasionally stop time.  She is free to move around while others are frozen in time.  She finds the hidden truths of those around her, including her new friend, Bobby Jersey, who may not be all that he seems.  At first it seemed fun, powerful, exhilarating, but in the end Karen’s power may cost her everything she’s ever cared about.

In Mark Allan Gunnells’ Outcast, Karen Richardson is a college freshman dealing with a non-existent social life, a difficult roommate…and the power of telekinesis.  As her powers grow, Karen begins to lose control.  Her new friend Bobby Jersey offers his assistance.  But is he somebody that Karen can trust, or will her abilities destroy everything and everyone she knows and loves.



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