Secret RoadsSimon Williams has released his follow up to Oblivion’s Forge, Secret Roads, in a digital edition.

Description: A Gate has opened: the marandaal have reached out into Aona, and the great powers of the world awaken.

Caught between the destroying light oif the marandaal and the malign influence of the choragh, ancient masters of Aona, are the men and women who will shape the destiny of this world: wielders of the Old Powers, and their protectors.

Secret Roads continues the chronicle of malevolent forces and violent upheaval that began with Oblivion’s Forge.

About The Author: I’m a writer of what people have termed “dark fantasy” and speculative fiction, and I’m based in the UK. I don’t consciously write for any mass market as such- I write the kind of thing I feel I’m comfortable with. I started off writing much more traditional fantasy years ago, but although I still like to read those sort of works, I try to create original, thought-provoking fantasy and futuristic novels and stories. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn’t. Thankfully it seems to be working a little more these days!

You can pick up the Kindle edition for only $2.99 here: Secret Roads

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