James Cheetham’s second full length novel is the initial book in a series dedicated to the zombie genre but written with a fresh new twist. Seasons of The Brittle Harvest Volume One: Prairie Frost is a Canadian take on the ominous world of the walking dead.

The extreme winter weather of the Canadian prairies and the infestation of wandering dead bodies makes the chances of staying alive slim at best. Add the mental effects of long term isolation and cabin fever, and you have a survival story of epic proportions.

James Cheetham has spent his life on the Canadian prairies, growing up in Manitoba where the winters lasted seemingly forever. He spent many a blizzard enthralled in horror movies and books, hunkered down while the elements had their way outside.

His first novel, Fade To Pale, has developed a cult following as well. Cocktail Reviews calls Fade To Pale “psychologically acute and entertaining, dark and inspiring, deeply personal and universally appealing all at the same time.

Cheetham’s short story “The Beekeeper” will be released in an anthology called Weirdly: A Collection of Strange Stories in December of 2007.

To find out more, visit: Cheetham. To order his books online, visit: Wild Child Publishing.

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