In 2006 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania took the Guinness World Record Of Largest Zombiewalk, when 894 people dressed as Zombies. They walked their way through the doors of the Monroeville Mall (filming location of George A. Romero’s classic Dawn Of The Dead). This October the infection of the undead has spread to Orlando, Florida, where the Screamfest Zombiewalk 2007 plans to take that record from Northern Pittsburgh (as they try to top last years record) and prove once and for all that Southern Zombies are the best. Guinness World Records has been contacted about the competition between Pittsburgh and Orlando. Who will take the record? How many zombies will come to Orlando? Come and find Out!

Screamfest Zombiewalk 2007 special guests include: Tom Savini (FX Master), Bill Hinzman (Night Of The Living Dead 1968), and Gary Klar (Day Of The Dead 1985). It all happens on October 19, 2007 at TGI Friday’s Front Row, 8126 International Dr, Orlando, (407) 363-1414 from 12 Noon – 4 PM. Zombie’s need to arrive between 12-3:30 PM. Then you’ll feast upon Fridays until 3:30 PM. At that time you’ll reek mayhem and havoc through the streets of Orlando all the way to Florida Screamfest Horror Convention 2007.

It’s free to attend, but there is a $10.00 all you can eat Buffet Of Brains at Friday’s. Zombies should come fully dressed in zombie attire. If you don’t have anything, wear some old clothes you don’t mind getting bloody because they’ll supply makeup for those who don’t have any. All ages welcome. For more information: Zombie Walk

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