PS Publishing is accepting pre-orders for Scream Quietly, a collection of Charles L. Grant’s stories, edited by Stephen Jones. The book is expected to see publication in December and includes a foreword by Stephen King, plus essays by Peter Straub, Kim Newman, Thomas F. Monteleone and Nancy Kilpatrick.

Description: Charles L. (Lewis) Grant (1942–2006) was born in Newark, New Jersey. A former teacher turned writer, as a military policeman in the US Army in Vietnam during the late 1960s he was awarded the Bronze Star. A prolific author and editor, he wrote in various genres under the pseudonyms “Geoffrey Marsh,” “Lionel Fenn,” “Simon Lake,” “Felicia Andrews” and “Deborah Lewis.” A winner three World Fantasy Awards and two Nebula Awards, Grant was also a recipient of the British Fantasy Society’s Special Award and the Horror Writers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2002 he was named Grand Master by the World Horror Convention.

Praise For Charles L. Grant

“The premier horror writer of his or any generation.”
—Stephen King

“Charles L. Grant is in a class by himself—spine-tingling story teller with an eerie imagination and a riveting style. Anyone interested in horror absolutely must pay attention to him.”
—David Morrell

“Grant’s style of horror takes hold of your spinal cord and plays it like a violin. His prose leaks with moody atmosphere, his characterisation is incisive and the pace never flags.”
—Charles de Lint

“One of the best writing talents ever to grace the field of horror.”
—Douglas E. Winter

“One of the genre’s more literate practitioners. Always a careful scene-setter, Grant eschews gore for more subtle thrills.”
—Kirkus Reviews

If you haven’t had a chance to read Grant, you’ve missed out on some special horror. PS Publishing is accepting pre-orders here: Scream Quietly

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