Yellow Horse Publishing has released sWitch by Scott Norton in both paperback and Kindle editions.

Description: Barbara Ducharme’s got a plan: she’s going to stitch her fraying family back together with a little help from … Satan. Mired in a homogeneous suburban hell where happiness is always one impulse purchase away, what’s a housewife to do when her frozen marriage refuses to thaw, and her children’s lives are falling apart before they’ve even had a chance to begin? A trip to a run-down, mountain home she’s inherited from a mysterious relative sounds like an ideal way to break the routine, and break the news she’s been dabbling in the dark side. Then they showed up – three masked assailants on their own little adventure filled with terror, torment and torture. Of course, there’s no accounting for the toll years of family dysfunction has taken on their victims. For Barbara, the brutal assault may be just the thing to bring her twisted family together. For the intruders, it could be wrong family, wrong time. sWitch is a sophisticated, subversive romp that blends the sexy with the supernatural, knowing just when to turn up the humor and when to turn down the lights. So light a fire, lock your doors, and get ready to turn the tables on everything you’ve ever known about horror fiction.

“As cliché as it sounds, the idea for sWitch – in fact, the idea to write sWitch – came from a dream,” says Norton. “The image of a buttoned-up family being more scary than the monsters that wanted to harm them stirred in my sleepy head on an early Saturday morning. When I woke up, I distinctly remember laughing out loud. It was around the time of the lead-up to the 2008 Presidential election, too. Perhaps my subconscious was reacting to politicians’ adamancy of family values, and the dirty truths that often slip out of their closets.

“However, what I found was a story about family bonds, and the magic that is possible when they’re strong. It’s been tarred and feathered a bit, but essentially that’s the gist: don’t be afraid of being human – with each other, in fact; embrace it – and maybe there’s more to it than we know.”

Here’s the book trailer:

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