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Halloween in New England…what could possibly be better? On the darkest days of October, the horror world comes alive and brings the best of the genre to the big screen. Horror filmmaker Geno McGahee, the Festival Director, has teamed up with the Palmer Historical and Cultural Center to bring forth a festival intended to terrify.

The Scared Stiff Halloween Horror Film Festival is a celebration of horror, mixing elements of a film festival, town festival and horror convention. It is a worldwide call out to all filmmakers to submit work in both written and film form. Every entry is viewed/read completely before a judgment is made. The winners will be shown big screen at the Palmer Historical and Cultural Center in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, during a festival of the same name, where the Halloween spirit will be rampant and the crowd will be large.

Unlike many other festivals, Scared Stiff has an “Entertainment Value” category that allows entries the chance for recognition that they may not have had with other festivals. A film can be rough around the edges, but if it has the heart and the ability to keep us glued to the screen, we will forgive technical shortcomings and even questionable acting. There is a market for everything and we have opened the doors to allow everyone to play.

The Scared Stiff Halloween Horror Film Festival will offer prizes to the winners (prizes to be determined) along with the confirmation that your film was amongst the best of the entries, playing in front of a packed house of an anticipated 300 people.

A panel of horror and film expert judges will select the final chosen entries that will play big screen on the weekend of the 25th/26th of October in front of the packed house, where the viewers will become the final judges.

The SCARED STIFF HALLOWEEN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL will accept entries from April 1st, 2013 through August 15th, 2013. Notices will be sent out by September 15th to those included and excluded.


Short Film (up to 45 minutes)/Short Screenplay (up to 45 pages) – $15.00
Full Length Film (over 45 minutes)/Full Length Screenplay (over 45 pages) – $25.00

Technical Stuff:

Send completed form, along with entry fee check and two copies of your NTSC DVD or 1 copy of your screenplay (screenplay can also be emailed) to:[email protected]

Make checks payable to the Palmer Historical and Cultural Center

Scared Stiff Halloween Horror Film Festival
c/o PEP
P.O. Box 642
Palmer, MA 01069

Screenplays must have a title page, author’s name and information as well. Each DVD submitted must be marked with title of film and contact information of sender.

We are not responsible for missing, stolen or lost entries. We will contact you when your entry is received.

scared stiff halloween horror film festival entry form – Word

Scared Stiff Halloween Horror Film Festival Entry Form – PDF 


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