Director Roy Ward Baker died in London on October 5th, at the venerable age of 93.

During the course of his career in movies and television, he ran the gamut of genres and subjects. Baker is perhaps best known by general audiences for 1958’s A Night to Remember; a black and white film about the sinking of the Titanic. Employing a script by thriller writer Eric Ambler, and using some historical footage of the ship, his directing of the movie garnered great praise.

For fans of dark fantasy, however, he will affectionately be remembered for such films as: The Vampire Lovers, Scars of Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Asylum, The Vault of Horror, And Now the Screaming Starts, and The Monster Club. He also directed the science fiction horror hybrid Five Million Years to Earth, also know as Quatermass and the Pit. He worked with performers as diverse as Marilyn Monroe, Dirk Bogarde, Vincent Price, and Bette Davis. His films will live on.

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