Bad Moon Books has announced the upcoming release of Brian Pinkerton’s Rough Cut.

Description: Horror legend Harry Tuttle is desperate for a hit. Harry’s career has been on a painful slide ever since he directed a couple of box office winners in the 1980s. Enter Marcus Stegman, a young unknown with a horror picture of his own. It’s not only a brilliant debut – it’s the movie Harry always dreamed of making. A rivalry ensues – and it’s about to become bloody. A suspicious film critic, beautiful young starlet, and deranged fan become entangled in the cut-throat competition where hungry hopefuls will go to any means necessary to break into the big-time…and no one is safe.

Available in two editions, a trade paperback edition, and a signed/limited hardcover edition. The hardcover will have a 30 day reservation period that will determine the print run, ending on july 25th.

Anyone who orders the hardcover edition will be entered in a drawing to win a hand-bound (by Chris Hedges of Hedges Bindery) manuscript (two drafts – it is massive) of Rough Cut.

You can pre-order directly from the publisher here: Rough Cut

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