Crossroad Press has released Ronald Kelly’s latest novel, Hell Hollow, in digital format. Now you can join Keith, Rusty, Chuck, and Maggie on their quest to defeat the evil medicine show man, Doctor Augustus Leech, on your Kindle or home computer. And, considering this book is a whopping 500 pages, you can’t beat the price at a mere $4.99.

Description: From out of a shadowy backwoods hollow, echoes a dark threat from the past, nearly a century lost and forgotten.

The rural town of Harmony, Tennessee possessed a disturbing secret; a secret so ancient that most of its residents were completely unaware of it. Even the last survivors of a vigilante raid long ago have filed the tragic events of that autumn night away, totally unaware of the evil that remains, dormant, but forever patient, among the tall pines and thick-leaved kudzu of a place known only as Hell Hollow.

There it would have remained, unrevealed, if not for a handful of unknowing participants. Four kids, bored for excitement during one of the hottest summers on record. A killer on the run, dodging his latest atrocity. And a rape victim on a deadly mission – scarred in both body and mind. All have a hand in bringing forth an unspeakable evil from the dark woods of Hell Hollow.

He is a skeletal figure in top hat and tails, brandishing a handful of magical cards and a patented elixir that was brewed in the very depths of Purgatory.

Kelly is a superb Southern horror writer not to be missed.

You can still pick up a copy of the signed limited edition through Cemetery Dance Publications for $40 here: Hell Hollow

Check and Crossroad Press for the digital version.

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