Publisher Amber Quill Press has released Mark Mellon’s Roman Hell in paperback.

Description: Roma, capital of the world, choked with summertime heat and filth, the sum and summit of earthly power and glory. This is the arena where the impoverished poet Martial struggles for money and fame. When Titus, the “Princeps” or first citizen of Roma, asks Martial to be his spy, the shameless poet willingly accepts. Yet what first seems like a trivial assignment grows increasingly dangerous and deadly when the evil witch, Canidia, and Sagana, her ogress sister, enter into a plot with Domitian, Titus’s brother. With the help of a brave ex-legionary, Martial tries to reveal the plot to Titus. Yet Martial’s efforts to save the Princeps only drag him deeper… into a Roman Hell…

“Ancient Rome was a bizarre and fascinating place,” says Mellon. “Such an ancient city, whose mores, manners, and customs are so strange, different, and outright appalling to the modern mind, would make an ideal setting for a horror novel. Hence, Roman Hell. I tried to make Roma the city as important a character in Roman Hell as the people in it, a constant, dark, brooding presence throughout the novel.”

Mark Mellon is a novelist who supports his family by working as an attorney. His work has appeared in such recent publications as A Twist Of Noir and Twisted Tongue. A Western novel, The Pirooters, is published by Treble Heart Books. His novella, Escape From Byzantium on Withersin Press, received the 2010 Independent Publishers Book Award Silver Medal for fantasy/science fiction. A steampunk novel, Napoleon Concerto, is also published by Treble Heart.

You can purchase the book directly from the publisher: Roman Hell

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