Double Feature Press, which publishes two author books in limited editions has announced that its first book will offer the fiction of Robin Spriggs and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. The book is scheduled to appear in 2011, though pre-orders will be available a month or so earlier.

Robin Spriggs will be providing The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom. According to arcane legend, is a collection of stories and poems about a collection of stories and poems by (if titles can be trusted) a certain Ozman Droom. But who is Ozman Droom? Or what is Ozman Droom? And when, where, why, and how is Ozman Droom? The answers to these and countless other questions of equally perilous rank await the curious seeker within the collection itself … provided such a book does indeed exist. And perhaps even if not. Caveat lector.

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. will off readers Night Begets. Night burns and burrows, vast as any idea it declares its bottomless truth — Terminus. The players and observers come, absorb and discard atoms, fill moments with ripples they call magic, or love, or chance, heartache, and fate. For knowledge and pleasure they steal editions, wait for, or take, more. Night loves nothing … and, finally, it takes all.

Joe Pulver’s, Night Begets, is a collection of tales and poetic texts about lovelorn ghouls and other night-bound creatures as they discover sin and ashes bloom and echo in the noir labyrinths and pitch black, dungeon skirts of Night. It is a work that provokes and will leave an indelible mark on anyone who picks it up and comes through on the other side, painting a world that is as much brutal as it is beautiful and imploring readers to reconcile these seemingly antagonistic aspects of existence.

Double Feature Press is a small press formed by Sarah L. Covert just this month (October, 2010). Covert grew up on drive-in movies and the old double feature drive-in flicks are the inspiration for the press.

To learn more visit: Double Feature Press

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